Choreographer + Teacher + Performer

PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Haworth, Ben McKeown, Samantha Tucker, & Demery Trantham


Born in Charleston, SC, Yuhas has always been motivated to move, climbing trees at a young age, and competing nationally in competitive sports throughout High School.  Yuhas found her deep attraction for dance when she was a teenager, uniting her athletic endeavors and artistic mind.  Years later, Yuhas strives to inspire and be inspired through the power of vulnerability, human connection, and mindfulness that is actualized through movement and daily life.


Artist Statement

I am a storyteller who uses the opportunity of time and space, allowed by the dance, to formally present the human experience.  I sculpt energy and space, creating tension through the use of breath and control that is dynamically met by fluidity, which embraces the comfort and anticipation of the release.  I craft movement through research and investment into revealing the performer’s mind, body, and spirit through improvisational scores and creating an environment of acceptance.  I am a creator of worlds that are living and lived in, full of nostalgia painted by familiarity found in our existence and shared human condition.  Empowered by my God and the acceptance of my identity, I am motivated by the world’s unbalance of power and petition for genuine love; as a missionary of love, I seek to explore and construct authentic emotion and raw experience for the audience to live in, in an attempt to foster genuine community, empathy, and human connectivity.