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September 26

@ Tapp's Outpost, 7pm-9pm

Installation & Reflection 

Tickets: $15, BUY TICKETS HERE

September 11

12:21pm @ USC Campus,1400 Greene St.

4:04pm @ 5 Points Fountain, 747 Saluda Ave.

6:36pm @ Tapp's Outpost, 713 Saluda Ave.

September 12

12:21pm @ Soda City Market, Sidewalk next to Drip, 1441 Main St.

4:04pm @ Indah Coffee, 2238 Sumter St.

6:36pm @ Tapp's Outpost, 713 Saluda Ave.

September 13

12:21pm @ 5 Points

4:04pm @ Vista Marlin's Parking

6:36pm @ Tapp's Outpost, 713 Saluda Ave

What are Healing Zones?

The ongoing fight for equality has progressed through powerful demonstrations and the call to change, defund, and reimagine systems. As artists we see this time as a unique opportunity to influence the recreation of structures. With a thoughtful and collaborative art making process utilizing movement, soundscape, innovation of material, and visual design, “Healing Zones” aims to create an experience that centers change through crafting a kind refuge to see others and see oneself through local instantaneous happenings. 

Our collaborative work features Collab Content led by Jai-Anna Carter, sound design by INFINITIKISS led by Nic Jenkins, material and costume design by Kiber and Kobb led by Kiber Selig, movement by Yuhas & Dancers led by Meredith Yuhas, ethereal healing incense by Odyssey led by Shavon and Amber Odom and generous and magical support from Tapp's Outpost. 


Follow the Artists

Nic Jenkins aka INFINITIKISS [Sound Design] + +

Kiber Selig, Kiber and Kobb [Costume Design and Artistic Direction], @kiberandkobb

Jai-Anna Carter, Collab Content LLC [Visual Design],

Shavon & Amber Odom aka Oddyssey [Ethereal Healing Incense]

Meredith Yuhas, Yuhas & Dancers [Dance & Movement Design]