Columbia's Emerging Choreographers Show


Columbia's Second Annual Emerging Choreographers Show is hosted by the Columbia-based dance company Yuhas & Dancers, in collaboration with Tapp’s Arts Center. The show expands to two nights this year at Tapp’s Arts Center at 7:30PM on Friday, May 24thand Saturday, May 25th. Launching in 2018, the show brings together dancers from the diverse and robust pockets of the Columbia Dance Community.  The two nights celebrate a shared passion for dance while highlighting unique emerging voices. The split-bill model allows for emerging artist to perform in a low-risk environment, gaining valuable experience and exposure. Columbia dance experts Erin Bailey (Moving Body Dance Company), Terrance Henderson (T.O. Inc., Indigo Soul, Full Circle Productions), and Dale Lam (Columbia Conservatory of Dance) curated and advised the evening of developing Columbia talent.  The panel offered a time-honored eye to the young artist and encouragement towards a budding platform for Columbia dancers.

May 24th & 25th, 2019 at

Tapp's Arts Center

Applications Open March 31st and Close April 24th 

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