Workshops with Y&D

Our workshops are fertile ground for community building and vision casting. Since the origin of Yuhas & Dancers we have asked, how do we connect to one another? What disconnects us from one another? How do we perform genuine emotion without exploiting our humanness? How do I use my softness in a hard world?  Our workshops are where we experiment with these questions. 

Through the use of contemporary technique, contact improvisation, yoga, and movement therapy, Y&D workshops are built for the mind, body, and spirit.  The holistic approach allows us to negotiate our inner and outer lived experiences. Themes we frequently visit are power, privilege, vulnerability, gratitude, confidence, resistance and empathy in the body.

Director Meredith Yuhas, pursing a Masters in Movement Therapy, leads workshops with Y&D dancers with a deep sensitivity to population, time, resources, and abilities

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Classes in school/studio settings